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The Grand Patchwork

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Do not Lie ; purveyor of truth..  A need to correct there are 3 types Truth, truth, untruth .. (there may be a 4th : nonTruth) Which has led me into dark places..truth of this existence is kept. (there is little Truth kept here.. that is subject of future work)

Allow a framework to Truth to be built upon what we know about truth, tho it may collapse : it cannot share the dipole untruth which balances out abuse of truth. For Truth cannot be abused

It is both immense and invisible, faster than thought & slower than stopped.  Both rational & crazy, won & lost , rich & broke  infamous & destitute..

Dare place Dogma / Religion into these pairs & end up a rational person who has won their ways tho rich and infamous has chosen the simplest path to enjoin with their best friend Dogma.

In a  classes of phychology are divided 

Thus a clue towards higher ground, in every sense the only salvation, not dogma or religion..

Slender thieves move in a blink of an eye, it is possible .. Only u never kno with Who , until that point of Truth .. even then, the mind touching the God of yor faith .. brings a kalidoscope..

It is not a god .. it is many .. yor Girl , yor Wife , yor Mother .. the feminine shelter .. tranquility .. Careful with.  Upset brings War

Things it gives to all within : Youth, Potential, Energy, Sustain, Growth, Capacity & time to do it in.  Desire sneaks in thru the back door .. taking away 3 qualities immediately : YES.

1 of the hardest things to keep away is Desire .. bringing  Age, Labor & Time 2 replace YES

Unsimplistic, loyal listener whilst arguing for truth at any cost.

I have argued with the trees where I lived, giant poplars which were cut down to make way for a school  400 year old locus plum , which stood larger than a giant fig , we made our house in those branches, and ate the fruit , drank ferment , were never tired or lonely with just one tree - that supplied so much, ..now gone.  What type of school is this which must destroy so many trees that stood the test of time ?

I have thrown the pearls, now 1 comes back, so must partake for what good is it to have lived with nobles and have nothing but story, so prepare to manifest, should the dogs that surround leave   ; causing peace to find a meditative place ..to cease.

Travelled in my ship by distant star, to find a home being built from that spoken tree that I did eat.

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