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Firstly, lets put aside this inadequate binary relation.. ITS a legacy from digital electronics, while Texas Instruments was busy fighting patent wars over stolen technology.our "digital revolution" took place. Ho hum

Binary is dead. Multilevel or quasiLevel chips have arrived. I worked with quasi state machines 20 years ago

PAIRS of things, like 1 and zero, are a passing construction. There is no tiebreaker, thus the need for error correction in memory chips .. chance of an alpha particle collision with a gate channel is getting higher.. in human terms self medication is leading to similar loss in the emotional dept ..

My study of Neurons with the natural arbitrary axon / dendrite connections leads to receptor signalling and differences betwen AmpAkine and MonoAminergic (& neurotransmitter. Dopa , Serotonin) , and the addiction we crave , for our OPTIMAL flight of fancy.. The pathways concerned have not evolved quite in pace with our current expectations with ourselves .. So we are left feeling flat at a point in the journey, gradually fortify this with coffee , tobacco , alcohol .coke.. weed ..U know the story.

The real issue lays in an undeveloped emotion, perhaps uncontrolled is a better term, and how a supplemented receptor system deals with emotional baggage , steering & untimate control.

As humans hate the thought of control .. themselves being a slave to both systems.. Internal / External. Then theres the third party systems, which we kno nothing about.  IT is not taught.  This is why an invitation to buy a conference centre in Byron was given.. police were instructed to remove the invite.

Silent Addiction  is an upcoming study , once i boot up the Fabian Octopole , to analyse proteolytic / proteoglycan residues in pilot field trials.. do i waste my time beating a drum ..To an ignorant peopl?

.. still do not have autosave.. if u do something.. pls use good tools.. Joomla seems to have the goods.


Study of Causes . Mind, does Matter. Mind eminates Causes.

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.. Whilst this is an invisible forum, it cannot achieve much more than bringing a few strong minds together.. After all, that is the real problem with society.. minds are not together.. Unsettled Argument is the cause of all political disease.. How can there be change without change? So NOW is time to Act.. before the next agressive tactic to throw fear into hearts of silly sheep.

France was another demonstration of that power which is preventable at least negotiable by intelligent dialog.. Where is such intelligent dialog ? Same place the trillions have been laundered so far hidden in plain sight as War beckons in the desert sands midst our modern internet.. shown on mindful channels as open threats raising dustcloud paid for no doubt by the Church.

The only Harmony on earth is the dating website by that name, for profit . using a profiling engine long ago stolen from others patented efforts..

For any truth around here, the red pill is fully tempting ..

So in the alternate is commerce the blue pill?

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